The services of DBond Dental can be broken down into two fields:

Network: Expansion | Qualification | Support | Acquisition

Implants: Information | Distribution | Sale | Marketing

One of DBond Dental greatest strengths is the expansion and sustainable development of a trans-regional network. This is achieved by serving trade and business partners, as well as surgeons, medical facilities and, last but not least, reference patients.

The implants, their advantages and their functionality have to be introduced and made available to both surgeons and patients. DBond Dental deals with the communication strategy, the logistics and the licensing for the respective target markets.


DBond Dental has an existing partner and distribution network which can be used for the acquisition of doctors for minimally invasive systems. DBond Dental will supply the necessary reference patients, organise the transfer of the lecturing surgeons and will support the training events with learning materials and expertise.


The actual value creation potential of DBond Dental is the distribution of the implant systems. DBond Dental will supply the respective venues with information material from the manufacturer and train all employees for patient counselling and diagnoses.

Processing and logistics will be covered by DBond Dental. To avoid supply shortages in countries with difficult trade access, the venues are instructed to order products on stock.